From August 2007 through May 2009, I blogged daily on the topic of human rationality at the econblog Overcoming Bias by Robin Hanson, getting around a quarter-million monthly pageviews. This then forked off the community blog Less Wrong , and I moved my old posts there as well for seed content (with URL forwarding, so don’t worry if links are to

I suspected I could write faster by requiring myself to publish daily. The experiment was a smashing success.

Currently the majority of all my writing is on Less Wrong. To be notified when and if this material is compacted into e-books (or even physical books), subscribe to this announcement list .

The material is heavily interdependent, and reading in chronological order may prove helpful:

To see how interdependent it is, try looking over this graph of the dependency structure:

To read organized collections of posts, use the Sequences on the Less Wrong wiki.

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