I am currently on hiatus from speaking engagements in order to focus on my research. I speak to very few media inquiries and usually off-the-record. I’m a very slow writer on formal papers, so I almosst certainly can’t contribute a paper to your journal or a chapter to your book. I attend very few conferences.

Time constraints prevent me from answering all emails. If I don’t reply to you the first time, you can try again – you may have gotten lost in the shuffle. If I don’t respond to you the second time, give up.

Notes of thanks, and bug reports, are always appreciated even if I don’t reply.

Generally, when I have something to say, I write it up and broadcast it to the world. I usually decline to carry on correspondence with a single person, as this takes just as much time and energy as talking to thousands of people.

Anyone looking to devote a substantial portion of their time or resources to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute or its related issues should contact Malo Bourgon .

I am not interested in your amazing new theory of Artificial Intelligence unless you can derive the formula for propagating updates in a Bayesian network. I am not interested in your religion. You do not have psychic powers. And that sinister worldwide conspiracy you want to warn me about? I’m probably a member. If you’ve been contacted by machine intelligences and want to tell me about this, there is no chance that I’ll believe you and I strongly suggest that you seek psychiatric assistance.

I cannot advise you on where to go to college. Sorry.

If after all that you still want to talk to me, email yudkowsky@gmail.com .