While I tend to publish most of my writing for free, I strongly believe that money is not evil. Therefore, anyone is welcome to take characters or settings from my original online fiction, such as the beisutsukai or the Baby-Eating Aliens, and use them in new commercial works of your own creation. I do ask for acknowledgment and a link or other reference to the original, but so long as the writing is your own, you may charge for access, distribute printed copies, sell the story to a magazine, etc. I don’t mind.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
“Petunia Evans married a biochemist, and Harry Potter grew up in a house filled to the brim with books, reading science and science fiction. Then came the Hogwarts letter, introducing strange new opportunities to exploit. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Draco Malfoy, and Professor Quirrell…” I began writing this story just for fun in my downtime from working on my nonfiction rationality book, uncertain at first if anyone would be interested. Since then it has received over 5 million hits and is currently the #1 most-reviewed Harry Potter fanfiction on the entire Internet, also the second Google result for “rationality”. (Yes. Seriously.)

It helps if you’ve at least read the first book of Harry Potter or watched the first movie, but in a pinch you can read anyway. Give it a try even if you think of yourself as someone who never reads fanfiction.
Three Worlds Collide
The most controversial story I’ve ever written. Starts with the baby-eating aliens and moves on from there.
The P-Zombie Apocalypse (aka Zombies: The Movie)
“These zombies… are different. They’re… philosophical zombies.”
Non-Player Character
I looked at the screen for a few moments. Rilanya’s rendered graphic was looking at my point-of-view with a pleading expression. Plot point, I thought to myself, and typed: “Anything, Rilanya.
The Sword of Good
What does it mean, if it’s been prophesied that you will make the ultimate choice between Good and Evil? Why wouldn’t you just choose Good? And Hirou carries the Sword of Good, which instantly slays any wielder not of good intentions…
Initiation Ceremony
“The torches that lit the narrow stairwell burned intensely and in the wrong color, flame like melting gold or shattered suns.” – First in the beisutsukai series.
The Finale of the Ultimate Meta Mega Crossover
This was intended as a bit of utterly deranged fun, but ended up as a deep philosophical exploration. Vernor Vinge x Greg Egan crackfic.
The Hero With a Thousand Chances
After every defeat, the Dust takes another shape and once again tries to destroy all things. What is the mysterious Counter-Force that keeps the world alive?
Trust in God, or, The Riddle of Kyon
A wee bit of Suzumiya Haruhi fanfiction. I should probably never do this again.
Failed Utopia #4-2
With perceptual instantaneity – the speed of surprise – his mind had already labeled her as the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, including his wife.
Dark Lord’s Answer
“They say that the Dark Lord will give you an answer and your goal will be achieved. The price is that his answer might violate the rules of righteous conduct.” The country of Santal is perishing, and nobody knows why. His country’s plight has driven Prince Nama over far roads to consult the famed Dark Lord for answers… (Sample chapters 2/7.)
Short story inspired by “doc” Smith’s Lensman novels.
In the western spiral arm of our galaxy lies a star system and a planet occupied ages ago. On one mountain of that planet there is a great structure, thousands of cubits tall…
Prospiracy Theory
Out of habit, I identified the surveillance drones; a CIA sparrow, an FBI robin, a bluetit from the Men In Black, and a flock of honking ducks that was probably one of the Illuminati’s newfangled distributed devices…
Girl Intercorrupted
“My family name is Yugano. My given name is Yuuki. I have no redeeming qualities.” So begins this light novel of a girl corrupted by the Internet, and then summoned to another world. She’s jaded from having already read many stories like that – but will that prepare her for what awaits in this world? Of course not! But she’s going to plunge ahead anyway, and not slow down for anything! (Sample chapters 4/13.)